Hall 3 extrudeuses




We will attend the Performance Polyamide congress in Cologn

We will present our technology of PA produced by reactive extrusion.



Meet SETUP Performance team at K 2016 and come celebrate our 10 years .


We will be on booth A23 (Hall 6) and we will enjoy to celebrate with you our 10 years of creation.



SETUP Performance will be present at FAKUMA 2015



Meet at FIP Solution Plastique the Setup Performance team.

June 17 to 20th, at Lyon.



Works of Setup Performance presented in the next ACCMES

These works done on technical polymers, realised in a global project, will be presented in the next Asian Conference on Civil, Material and Environmental Sciences (ACCMES), at okyo. Read the program.



Setup Performance had an article in monthly global magazine Compounding World

Covering the reactive extrusion technology of Setup Performance, like TPU production or the 
grafting of polyolefins with maleic anhydride, the article focused on projects with Evonik and Roquette companies. Read the article.



Setup Performance will attend the next Gala Industries Symposium 2012

"Efficiency meets Flexibility" is the title of the next Gala Industries Symposium, scheduled on 11.-12. September 2012. Henri Sautel will present "Polymer chemistry by reactive extrusion, flexibility requirements".



Three Setup's inventors quoted in a new Evonik's patent

The patent application "Process for making a thermoplastic polyurethane" filed by EVONIK DEGUSSA GMBH on November 24th, 2010 has been published, quoting Henri Sautel, Kévin Barthomeuf and Didier Lagneaux as Setup's inventors.



Setup talked about grafting in his presentation at INNOV'DAYS "High performance polymers"

Setup Performance participated at INNOV'DAYS in Dijon, June 19th, organized by the Plastic Training Center :

Enlarge applications of the commodity polymers by grafting of monomers, in order to make them post-crosslinkable (in French)



Setup replaces its extruder pre-industrial pilot

and acquires a new twin-screw extruder diameter 43 / 60D. Thanks to its conception, this extruder allows having a couple twice as important as the former one.


ARDI interviewed Setup Performance regarding Innov'R call for projects

Have a look to ARDI's Impact Innovation magazine of december 2011 (in French) : Setup met au point de nouveaux modes de production de polymères



Two Setup's inventors quoted in a new Roquette's patent

The patent application "Method for preparing thermoplastic compositions of plasticized starch, and such compositions" filed by Roquette on January 15th, 2010 has been published today, 

quoting Didier Lagneaux et Jérôme Gimenez as Setup's inventors.



Setup presents its expertise service :

  • Advise clients and test more efficient material constituents (catalyst, inhibitor, monomer, oligomer etc.) by optimizing their introduction position
  • Optimize a material performance by building an original machine design
  • Improve the productivity by optimizing the screws profile from standard elements and by changing the peripheral equipments placing
  • Optimize the component dispersion within a material as from standard peripheral equipments and screw elements.
  • Comparative analysis of materials performances according to reaction process or mixing up techniques.
  • Find the production conditions of a forgotten technology
  • Define the economical and technical positioning of a new material on the potential markets and propose a penetration strategy.
  • Evaluate the influence of the change (provider or molecule nature) of a raw material, entering into a polymer composition.
  • Compare the polymerization or mixing techniques.